Top tips on to make your home look more attractive for buyers

Here we are again, this time around we would like to represent you with some of our top tips on how to make a home more attractive and more valuable for potential buyers, representing a couple of unique point of views which we hope will serve you well on the way to selling your home.

"How can I ever sell my home?" you are asking and here we are to help you with some tips, tricks and practiques as to what you should do, especially before it comes to actually showing people around.

1. Concentrate on a lifestyle: according to certain real estate professionals, when it comes to buying a home, it’s not only about the space or house itself, it’s about what lifestyle it represents. From the country home to the summer villa or from the modern apartment to the romantic one, each one of us has a style. Now you can acentuate it a little bit, so that the whole cleaned out house will not look impersonal.

2. Declutter, drop them away, donate it or sell it: we are full of unnecessary things and by removing these you will realize that you win lots of space. This also goes for the bulky and partiocularly big furniture, used furniture and things you don’t want visitors to see.

3. Have it all painted to a neutral color so that it becomes more spacious and further helps people to consider what they would like to do with each room. Predefined colors make this process much harder.

4. Define each room, according to what they are for, in order to clear out all possible misunderstandings.

5. Have all the smaller repairs done. This inclues doors, windows, fixing smaller holes, door knobs, faulty floors.

6. Get a good quality air freshener: this is always a must, before showing people around. Some others do this with scented candle or natural oils.

7. It’s essential to have everything cleaned, take off the curtains if they are old and used.

8. If you have outdoors space make it as friendly as possible buy or get some plants there, cut the grass and bushes back and get a cute garden seating set. If you happen to have a patio, get a garden grill ( even if you only borrow it).

Remember the ultimate goal is not only to make the home look nicer and cleaner for the potential buyers. The aim is to enable them to imagine the property as their own one and to help them visualise their future life there. You cannot help with more in this process, if you make sure all the above steps are done, then you are on the good way to sell your property quickly